Nutritional Type™ Test

Ready to discover YOUR Nutritional Type™?

“One man’s food is another man’s poison.”

Can it really be true that one food is “healthy” for every individual? And another food is “unhealthy” for every individual? Is that even possible? What about our own physiological make-up? How does one diet “work” for one person and that same diet is a disaster for another? Foods that work for your family and friends may not be the best food for you.

No body is exactly the same, therefore no body functions optimally on the same food. This is why it is so important to see what works for you individually, and not become a slave to what a book (including this one!), documentary, or scientific study concludes. Regardless of how impressive the data, credentials, and presentation may appear! Books, documentaries, and/or scientific studies should be used as a starting point to experiment with your individual needs, not to put you in a box of strict, unwavering rules! Conforming never lasts. Consider molding what you eat around your body’s individual and specific needs, not shaping what you eat to fit into the “diet’s” mold.

This Nutritional Type™ Test was developed to help guide you in getting to know yourself better: what works for your body and what doesn’t, what foods make you feel energized and what foods make you feel drained, what foods settle in your stomach well and which one’s don’t, and what foods bring satiation and which foods leave you feeling hungry.

It’s time to really see what your body has need of to function at it’s best, reach and maintain natural weight and optimal strength, and move about with freedom and vitality – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Stop “dieting.” Regain your freedom! ..and get to the bottom of what your body is calling for.


Pick up a copy of Intuitively Your Type by Carole Griggs, Ph D. for more recipes and detailed information about your Nutritional Type™! Additionally W2W is offering two supplements: Griggs Protein + Powder and Griggs Organic Greens Powder.